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Kitchen renovation projects can be overwhelming and confusing, particularly if it’s your first rodeo. Our kitchen remodeling team has years of experience providing expert design and construction for clients. We have the expertise to handle all aspects of your kitchen remodel, from coordinating materials and tradesmen to evaluating and approving safety concerns. They are just as effective at their last job, as they are today. Our contractors will work tirelessly to create the kitchen of your dreams. We promise to communicate throughout the project and make sure we are prioritizing your wants and needs.

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    Kitchen Floors

    We reinstall kitchen floors. If your kitchen floor has become worn and damaged, we can help you install a new floor. Alternatively, we clean kitchen floors to get rid of the upper dirty layer. Our professional cleaning will remove the dirt and grime from the grouts. It will also remove the thin layer of grease and dirt that accumulates on the surface of the kitchen floor over the years. No matter what kind of kitchen floor you have, we can transform it by cleaning, repairing, or installing a new floor


    Good lighting is essential in the kitchen. We help you install lights that will maximize illumination in the working areas of your kitchen. At Boise Kitchen Remodel you can select from a selection of colors and tones of lighting. The environment of a space can be changed by warm or cold white bulbs, so it is crucial that you choose the correct mood for each particular room. 


    The cabinets that you select are really critical when planning or renovating the interior of your house. The style of your kitchen and  amount of storage space can be determined by your choice of cabinet. When you come to Boise Kitchen Remodel we provide you with custom-made cabinetry that goes perfectly with the size and architecture of your kitchen. They will keep your kitchen well-organized and make your kitchen look fresh and modern.


    The color the walls in your kitchen is painted sets a tone for your kitchen. When choosing new kitchen cabinetry and paint our team offers many choices. From basic solid color cabinetry to modern geometric patterns to classic browns and grays our professional painters are sure to find just the right color scheme to blend into your kitchen and give it a fresh new look. . No matter what color scheme or combination of colors you choose, our experienced painting contractors can help you make your kitchen one of a kind.

    Modern kitchen with hanging lights

    Why Choose Us?

    Our team specializes in custom-built kitchens – one of a kind, with the highest quality of construction and materials available. When considering a kitchen remodeling project, don’t just look at square footage or design. Pay attention to the finishes – the colors, stonework and cabinetry, the flooring, kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances. Our kitchen remodeling contractors are committed to providing custom-built kitchens with the highest quality of material and workmanship possible. The latest technology is used to help create a kitchen that is easy to clean, efficient, and stylish.